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Dear Students,


Sadly, the current pandemic has essentially knocked out my yoga teaching career. Given that this will not end anytime soon, I have made the decision to parlay this experience into new opportunities. After 20 years of having the privilege of sitting in front of you and encouraging your well being, I have decided to take a break from teaching yoga until gathering in a studio is safe once again. 


I sincerely look forward to gathering together once again to do this important work. But until that time, please feel welcome to do a few of my free YouTube Sunrise Yoga in Hawaii class - link HERE -and of course, I invite you to enjoy my vintage workout Practical Yoga for Everyday People - seen below - Own it and do it often for the price of one yoga class!


Here’s to wishing we will gathering once again in some far-off, beautiful location, so we can do the healing work that allows us to live life with a sense of beauty, freedom and possibility. Until that time, stay safe and find joy in each day, each moment, whenever possible. 


Namaste & Sat Nam! 




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At the end of class, I didn’t just want to bow and say “namaste” to Will—I wanted to give him a hug.


"...Our breath is something that is always with us, always available… Yogis discovered many centuries ago that just adjusting the breath, even subtly, can immediately impact our nervous system, and thus impact how we experience the world around us...."


Will Donnelly, in Practical Yoga’s Wisdom for Everyday People

Chapter 39, Page 152, "Make Inspiration Soar"



Through his signature Practical Yoga, Will Donnelly offers a profoundly healing & energizing yoga experience. Blending kundalini yoga & meditation (as taught by Yogi Bhajan, Ph.D) with hatha yoga (YogaWorks), all classes and private instruction encourage a non-dogmatic spiritual practice that energize, strengthen, and uplift participants. In addition to having strong technical knowledge of yoga, Will is known for taking students on a transformative inner journey like few others. 


Will’s specific intention is to help you tap into your spirit and find health & radiance for your everyday life. He reminds us that the profound yet practical practice of yoga is for everyday people who live in a modern world, especially those who may think yoga is beyond their grasp.



Easy powerful & ancient breathing technique - learn to control anger: Sitalee Pranayama

Learn this leg workout: FROGS;

Energize with Breath of Fire (cleansing);

Tone your tummy with Bicycles (core strengthening);

Warm up safely with Cross Crawls (aerobic & core strength);

Meditation for a Calm Heart 


Take a Deep Breath Right Now





Will Donnelly is a nationally recognized teacher and Spirit Trainer. He is the founder of, and previously was co-founder of Spirit Trainers Yoga/Productions, through which he produced a television show and online yoga and wellness content. 


Will taught at some of the top LA yoga studios in the early 2000s, then went on to create his own reality television show, Guru2Go on fitTV, in partnership with Discovery Communications (2004). Will then teamed up with AOL Diet & Fitness to offer his signature practical yoga & wellness tips on-line. With the same team that brought you Guru2Go on fitTV, Will produced his popular workout DVD “Practical Yoga for Everyday People”, now available for instant streaming online via his website.


He has also partnered with the second largest online wellness site behind WebMD, Media, to offer yogic wellness content to over 350,000 subscribers daily. Most recently, Will partnered with to offer powerful, insightful essays, now available in his book, Practical Yoga's Wisdom for Everyday People: Essays & Inspiration for Life. 

He is certified through both Kundalini Research Institute (KRI) and YogaWorks(™), and blends these two different lineages beautifully through his fun & approachable signature  style of yoga he calls Practical Yoga. His classes are continually described as “fun, transformative and nurturing”. 


To help fulfill his mission to bring yoga off the mat and into everyday people’s lives, Will has taught in dynamic locations such as: the Cannes Film Festival, Official Yogi 2005/American Pavilion in France; Legoland, California; UCLA Medical Center; the Santa Anita Race Tracks in Los Angeles; and from construction sites to dentist offices as well as exclusive clubs, to name just a few. 


After seven magical years living in the jungle on the Big Island of Hawai’i, Will currently lives on the on the island of Lana’i, and is the Lead Yoga Instructor for Four Seasons Resort Manele Bay. 

Questions? Contact Will Anytime!

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