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Recent Press:

Will at Four Seasons Lanai


It Took 20 Years, But I Finally Learned to Like Yoga.


I took a trip never expecting to change my mind about something I had hated for so long. But I finally discovered what was holding me back.


Can Love for Yoga Be Learned?.


I really hate yoga...but it's too healthy not to do.

At the end of class, I didn’t just want to bow and say “namaste” to Will—I wanted to give him a hug.


"...Our breath is something that is always with us, always available… Yogis discovered many centuries ago that just adjusting the breath, even subtly, can immediately impact our nervous system, and thus impact how we experience the world around us...."


Will Donnelly, in Practical Yoga’s Wisdom for Everyday People

Chapter 39, Page 152, "Make Inspiration Soar"