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One thing I really appreciated about this group is that I was treated as just another student. Let us all strive to avoid labels of others, too old, divorced, too young, gay or straight. Let us all just appreciate another person with his or her strengths and weaknesses, various interests and experiences. Likes and dislikes. We can learn so much from each other.


Portland, OR

If you ever have a chance to take a break, do Will Donnelly's {Holiday} yoga retreat at Kalani in December. I struggle with anxiety and for the first time, because of Will's great energy and encouragement, all the breathing, meditating, positive parables, journaling, and yoga, I never once had a moment of ickiness. Of course the sun and Hawaii and all the amazing people that were at Kalani helped, but the yoga retreat and regimen set my day up for success . I can't wait to go back.


Los Angeles, California

I rave about my experiences with Will’s retreats at Kalani pretty much non-stop with anyone interested. There is no doubt that Kalani is a truly incredible place on the Big Island of Hawaii, but the real magic for me is Will.  He is a phenomenal retreat leader and yoga teacher.  Will provides one opportunity after another to reach deeply within and find exactly what it is you need.  He has tremendous gifts and shares them freely with all who will accept them, and he shares some of the best that Kalani and the Big Island have to offer.  I went the first time in 2012 with no idea what to expect, and came back a changed woman.  I went again in 2015 with a heart broken and filled with resentment and family pain, and again Will and my retreat-mates helped me restore and come alive again.  I cannot recommend this experience any higher. I'd go every year if I could.



Being here for the holidays and this retreat was so special. You made it unique and fun and festive. It really is an amazing experience and a magical time.... Will, you are a gift. Your honest vulnerability, humor, wicked wit is down to earth, real and fun. Your commitment to us, your students, is unwavering and we feel it and appreciate it. Your guidance was gentle, but took us right to our edge where we needed to go.


From Holiday Yoga Retreat Survey 2017

...I wanted to thank you once again for pushing me to my edge. :) In our second last yoga session I had a truly transformative experience as we de did the infinity meditation practice.  Literally burst into tears as my higher self manifested herself to me as an image during my meditation. I’m wholeheartedly grateful to you for triggering that experience.  Mahalo Will!



Will is a passionate, wise, and loving teacher in a league of his own. I feel inspired and empowered after every Practical Yoga class.


Vancouver, Canada

I do yoga almost everyday, repeated the poses which I learned from Will. I feel myself healthy, open-minded, connected with yogi friends, and something has been changed inside of me.



Aloha my friend - today I head to Kalani to head my first Restore your Roar retreat about body love and emotional eating. I was so inspired by your retreat last year and have thought of you and channeled your energy and passion many times in the past year during the prep for this workshop. 


I am so thankful to have spent such a week with you and then performed Roar right after. I have no doubt that my confidence and strength for that performance came to me after those five days in your retreat. I showed up for myself for the first time ever - not just to lose weight for a costume or an audition. I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration even though I haven't seen you much since and I just wanted to share my respect and love for you! 


Kona, Hawaii (YouTube “Roar” Sensation Filmed at Kalani right after taking a Practical Yoga Retreat)

I've been on 6+ yoga retreats and loved this one the most because of Will‘s leadership and his participation with the group. He’s an amazing teacher and I’ll carry his wisdom with me forever. 


From Retreat Survey 2017

I normally don't share things in (FB) groups - but last years holiday yoga retreat with Will was exactly the kick in the butt I needed to finish my long-labored album.


Los Angeles, California

I wanted to thank you. You were such a big part of making this (retreat) experience so magical for me. I have practiced yoga on and off the mat for years, but practicing with you made me fall in love with it again. Not just do it to do it, but rather do it because I love it. I’m happy to say that I have practiced everyday since returning back to LA. So, thank you. 


I had a chance to chat with a couple of the guys after our retreat had ended and we all seemed to have had the same response to you. You’ve got such an authentic self that brought not just comfort to the group, but also excitement…You are a beautiful person inside and out….You impact people, you just do. Someone once said to me, “After you’re gone, people will not remember what you said or what you did, but how you made them feel.” And I keep thinking how true that is. More than anything, you made me feel so good, so excited. What a beautiful thing that is.


Los Angeles, California

I'm a little bit gun shy about yoga retreats. Will's is truly the best one I've ever been on. I've gone on many and some of them have been difficult and not what I was hoping for. Will's retreat was beautiful, partly because he made each person feel included and it was the most spiritual retreat I've been on. 

Rachel T


I cannot tell you how much you and your teachings have helped me.  I've been going through many, many difficulties, and the yoga and meditations are helping me to keep out of the "darkness" (horrible depression) and profound sadness.  If I do the yoga in the morning, my spirits lift.  If I "fluff my aura" before I teach Jazzercise, I don't feel like I'm going to cry in front of everyone.

Barb B.


…I purchased your dvd many years ago and I had no idea the impact that it would have on me and my well being. I am now devoted to a deeper practice of kundalini yoga, but that DVD was a beautiful simple introduction to experience the effects and benefits of this practice.  You and Jeff did a great job as co teachers and your spirit of warmth, down to earth energy and love, created a safe way for a beginner to experience the effects of kundalini yoga…


My husband and two college age children are now using your dvd and are wanting to deepen their practice as well. Also, My husband and I are in private practice as therapists passionate about integrated health on every level.  I would like to have your DVD on hand to suggest to certain clients who are ready to take the next step to develop well being practices that are simple and realistic for the beginner.


Thank you  for your faithfulness to your path. I can tell that you continue to touch many peoples’ lives, by reading of your wonderful retreats and your articles in Spirituality and Health! Although I have never met you personally, I have been very touched by your energy, passion, enthusiasm and beautiful heart each time I play the DVD.


One year later…


My clients that are wanting to start a practice are really loving the DVD.  You have a beautiful energy about you and you are an excellent teacher.  We are hoping you make more DVDs! Even better, we hope to meet you one day!



…I had no idea what to expect (from the yoga retreat in Hawaii) but feel like I could not have imagined anything better. The writing workshop (that was added as a bonus class at the last minute) was such an enlightening opportunity! So many awesome people from around the world and across the U.S...Will you are such a special person. You are well educated in yoga, humble, real and able to encourage/motivate people to make small steps to improve their themselves in this crazy world…


From Retreat Survey

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