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Practical Yoga's

Wisdom for Everyday People:

Essays & Inspiration for Life

Practical Yoga's Wisdom for Everyday People book

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Here’s a “go-to” book that can offer simple, practical wisdom when you need it. 

It's the perfect companion for those on a conscious journey through life.


Plus, throughout the book there are opportunities to get engaged:

step-by-step guided meditations & visualizations as well as writing prompts.

Learn to glean wisdom from what life is offering you right now. 


Each essay was written as part of the author’s personal journey through grief after the loss of his partner to Lou Gehrig’s Disease/ALS in 2010. Many of these stories were originally presented in partnership with,

but this compilation brings Donnelly's most popular works together,

re-edited and grouped into three sections to encourage you to get the most out of the readings:


Trust & Faith

Personal Responsibility

Love & Relationships


     Open the book to any page and see what the Universe might awaken in you!


As co-host and co-creator of the yoga-reality show Guru2Go on fitTV (Discovery Communications, 2004), editor of the Yoga for Every Body national newsletter, and with over 20 years experience as yoga & meditation teacher, retreat leader and writer,

Donnelly offers his signature ability to inspire with these short, easy-to-read essays.

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