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How Will's Retreats Came to Be: A History

Will leads students in meditation to develop Intutiion

These Practical Yoga retreats started quite by fate. My life had fallen apart. I had lost everything I loved, except for my physical health. I landed in Hawaii because I needed to get into the ocean and feel it's cooling, healing energy wash over me; to feel it's flow and to release my past, however painful. 

Just months after my arrival, I was offered the opportunity to begin teaching yoga again and then host a retreat. I declined. I had so little left to give, I thought. But the universe in it's own inimitable way, somehow finagled me into hosting my first retreat that following December (thank you Drew). 

That retreat four years ago changed my life. And I believe it changed the lives of all of the 26 participants who were fortunate enough to have said yes to it. Each successive retreat has left me so full of life and gratitude. When we come together to heal, it is more powerful than if we were to have stayed home alone trying to do the same thing. There is a power in numbers, and something alchemical happens to our spirits in this environment. Energy moves. We are shifted. Our lives will never be the same.

If you've read this far, I'm honored. You are longing for some good shift. Most likely, you and I have known each other for many years, through air waves, cyber space and heart space. I have so appreciated each note, each communication from you. If you have an inkling, a tingling in your tummy that wants to say yes, then my Holiday Yoga Retreat is coming. For you. Experience the cooling, healing energies of Hawaii with me. 

The world is hurting. There are so many of us, and the collective consciousness holds many negative strongholds. It's all the more reason to do our work, to establish ourselves as independent from the collective suffering. To set ourselves up as free. Your winter will be very different because of the work you do this December.

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