The Sitalee Pranayama Experience

A Complementary Experience Brought to You By Will's Practical Yoga


Simlpy listen to the Part 1: The Tutorial to learn the breath. Then sit back and listen to Part 2: The Experience to experience the breath through the guided audio recording. (Best results with headphones.)


Be sure to Bookmark this page and come back as often as you like, to get the calming, soothing benefits of this Practical Yoga audio experience. 

Sitalee Pranayama #1: THE TUTORIAL - Will Donnelly
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Sitalee Pranayama #2 THE EXPERIENCE - Will Donnelly
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...A Few Testimonials...

Practical Yoga is the perfect combination of physical workout, inner awareness and energetic rejuvenation.


Vancouver, BC

If you ever have a chance to take a break, do Will Donnelly's {Holiday} yoga retreat at Kalani in December. I struggle with anxiety and for the first time, because of Will's great energy and encouragement, all the breathing, meditating, positive parables, journaling, and yoga, I never once had a moment of ickiness. Of course the sun and Hawaii and all the amazing people that were at Kalani helped, but the yoga retreat and regimen set my day up for success . I can't wait to go back.


LA, California

...I am so grateful to (my daughter) for feeling compelled to send me to you (after she experienced your retreat). You are a beautiful, strong soul & an extraordinary teacher. I imagine everyone who studies with you adores you, for you teach with all the 7 Chakras (Yes, I am learning them all, from your DVD, which I love.) For all you give and for the passion & committment with with you give it, I thank you, from the bottom of my heart.


Southern California

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